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Online Chat: 3 Tips for Getting it Right

By Ayad Mirjan

One would have to be living under a massive rock for the past few years to miss the fact that we are going through tough economic times. Companies are looking for inventive ways to cut costs and in many cases at the expense of providing even acceptable customer service. They quickly thought that one effective way to cut costs is to to minimize call volume into customer contact centers, which allows companies to reduce the number of staff on deck (cut overhead cost) and/or redirect staff focus to other important company initiatives.

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Guest Post: Want Loyalty? Provide the Unfathomable for your Customers

By Sarah Hassaine

I need to be honest with you, I am not an accredited customer experience guru, nor do I hold any degrees dissecting customer service and customer relations. But I can honestly tell you that as a customer, I am a heavy critic, I never settle for less than a “perfect” experience. I appreciate and value when institutions and companies make it a point to please the customer always.

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Responding to Pinkberry vs. Subway: What Culture Drives Your Customer Experience?

By Brian Cantor

Strong opinions generate strong reactions.  And in posting contributor Ayad Mirjan’s firm, pull-no-punches comparison of the Pinkberry and Subway customer experiences, I knew Customer Management IQ was going to have people talking.

In choosing such recognizable brands and adhering to such a strict conception of each brand’s respective customer experience, Ayad was all but assuring some would openly disagree with his analysis.

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Pinkberry vs. Subway: Customer-Centricity vs. Efficiency

By Ayad Mirjan

Customer centricity vs. efficiency.

Relationship vs. transaction.

Customer experience vs. assembly line.

That is what I see when comparing the two retailers. They are both successful in their own way, but when it comes to customer management, one of them gets it and the other doesn’t.

See Moment of Goof’s most recent article published by Customer Management IQ (a forum for sharing ideas, best practices and solutions within the business community).

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Delighting Customers vs. Meeting Their Expectations

By Ayad Mirjan

Should you try to delight your customers, or just meet their expectations?

See Moment of Goof’s recent article published by Impact Learning Systems (a consultancy focused on offering Customer Service solutions).

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3 Things You Should Never Tell Your Customers

By Ayad Mirjan

Service representatives need to do a better job in servicing their customers. It is simpler than one might think.

See our recent article published by Customer Management IQ (a forum for sharing ideas, best practices and solutions within the business community):

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5 Ways to Tick-Off Clients

By ContactPoint

Your goal is to get less business, right? To tick-off your potential customers so thoroughly that they never want to do business with you. Ever. You want to make them feel dumb when they call you. Make them feel like they are wasting your time. You want your potential customers to hang up the phone and say ‘Man, I will NEVER buy Read more

What restaurants do to win

By Ayad Mirjan


The line was long and there was no place to sit at Carmen’s Cheesesteaks and Hoagies…still, it did not discourage me from trying what turned out to be one of the best Philly cheesesteaks I’ve had. I enjoyed the experience so much, I started snapping shots of the eatery to ensure that my experience was well documented.

What I liked:

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Trader Joe’s: Where amazing happens!

By Ayad Mirjan

Now that the NBA season is almost certainly and completely canceled, someone needs to make use of their catchy and undeserved slogan, “Where amazing happens.” I am hereby nominating Trader Joe’s to be the recipient of this incredibly suitable slogan…it fits perfectly.

Two days ago I was standing in the checkout line with one person in front of me. I Read more